Thursday, July 28, 2011


If an individual gives a story
There has to be a man of glory
Be it in honor and fame
Or the man hung in shame
A story for u my young ones
Is but a reflection of what was once
It is hard to come clean
Or depict what each story mean
Try and solve this riddle
Then perhaps maybe i could just play the fiddle

A story that must be told,
To great and small alike.
A link through time and space,
A scar that can never be erased.

Monday, July 25, 2011


"You sure like to give it all you have got." That's the comment I got when ii first cross the bothers of the States. Now no one wants to look at me in the eye. Every one seems to have forgotten who gave that power moving speech at convocation. Or who was the best candidate in the elections. Its hard to have fame and lose it i thought. But what did I really have? Was it a line up of people buffering my ego? I am now going through hardship and i fail at even one of the tests. The biggest question: How do others perceive me? There are so many uncertainties but this my greatest fear......

Sunday, July 24, 2011


"Mum, how are we certain that the flood is not going to reach the house?" The little boy asked her young mother. The rains had come in full force this year. The six-year old had no clue about the warning system and the alerts that was announced on TV earlier that night. When his mother refused to reply the boy got himself busy. He went to the basement ans turned off all the water main pipes. His dad had thought him how in case of an emergency and this was one. He went to the room of old clothes and packed old towels. Carefully he lined up each window and door openings until he was satisfied. He rolled up the rug with all his strength and smiled when he was done. On his way up he took the first aid kid with the flash light and other supplies. The father came home soaked and called out to his son. "Welcome home dad," he said with a smile. "We are ready for the flood. We can go through anything now."

The little boy developed a strong faith because of the knowledge he had as well as what he accomplished.Do you have the faith that the flood of life will not take over? What knowledge do you have in place for this faith to be real?

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Today, I was opportune to meet an elderly lady. I am going to give a brief story and I employ you to give me your thoughts.

To all she is known as a loving woman;angel on earth; dear friend and disciplinarian. But this elderly 80 old woman still had a lot of people whose life she had impacted without realizing it. She was brought up in a little village in the Western part of Africa. School at her time was not common especially to the women at the time. Striven, she got into nursing school and graduated. After marriage her husband decided to move to the States for greener pastures. She moved along no knowing what or how she was going to go through life. Shortly after arriving she started nursing school again from the beginning. Taking a loan the economic times were so hard. Devastated by the pressures, Her husband asked for a divorce and left her. As if that wasn't enough she was diagnosed with cancer the weeks following. After barely escaping cancer, her children had one issue or another with school or friends but some how she seemed to always get through it all. The eve of her Th birthday, after a busy day a car comes in from no where and she gets hit. By the time she regains her consciousness she is in a n ambulance that happens to be passing by. She said in her speech that the celebration of life could have equally been her funeral.

How do you treat life? Do you realize that each day can be your last... If so what would you want to be remembered for.

Friday, July 22, 2011


I recall a story and ask you to be the judge of the characters and tell or convince yourself that this has no link whatsoever to the ideology.If it those i bid thee to think about this things and share your thoughts with me...

At the tender age of eleven, a young lass (girl) was asked what she thought about the world at large. She replied that there was no answer to the question as she had neither seen nor heard about the world out side. Brought up in the village many miles away from the nearest mainland, she was at a loss. The location of the village was like a mirage in the desert. The question was obvious. If no one else knows about the outside how would she? There was a truth about what she had said but it still puzzled the elders as to how she came up with the conclusion. Months later and unknown vehicle came and a bunch of young explorers arrived at the village. With gifts and new ideas the outside world started to make sense little by little. After this encounter the little girl was asked again what she thought of the outside world. She was proud to show of the gift she had received but claimed that alas this information still qualified her not to understand what the world entailed. Yes she had seen some people but were they representation enough to describe everything that went on outside the village. By the request of the leaders, the child was asked to be taken along with the strangers to the foreign lands. This was to enable the child get a glimpse of the world outside. After five years out side the village, the young lass had come off age. Wisdom was not very far from her lips. On the way to see an acquittance was grabbed by the hair. The attacker struggled and asked her for her personal belongings.. After handing over everything she had the attacker was not satisfied. A knife was put at her throat. He asked what she thought of the outside world. It was no hidden thing that she was an out cast in the region. At that point she replied...THE WORLD IS NOTHING BUT A VAST UNIVERSE OF DARKNESS.... WITHOUT THE LIGHT THERE IS NO TELLING WHERE ONE MIGHT GO....

As the girl stated many things in life are as vast and wide as the universe... Whether human or not... Without a sense of direction anyone on their journey will be doomed. How then do we know ?.. Where do we start to seek ?..... What if we try and still cannot find our way through this universe? .... What are the things that seem so vast that we tend to get lost?
            Hi everyone. This blog is created to give every one an ideology with a story and to see if it fits. It is that simple. I would love your comments about either or both of the components of each daily blog. You can invite as many as you can to the discussion. Thanks for your opinion.